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        1. ABOUT US

          KANG TAI

          Tianjin Kangtai plastic packing Co., Ltd??

          Tianjin Kangtai Plastic Packing Co., Ltd. is located in Tianjin China.Registered capital of 5,900,000 yuan.Our company is a professional one which introduces the modern technology to produce plastic casings and shrinking bags. The company has trade import and export right and has already set up branch office abroad.We have been in this line of business for 15 years. The plastic casings and the shrinking bags are variety of specifications,the top service quality among the industry for many years....

          Corporate advantage

          Our advantage

          Quality assurance
          Quality assurance is the premise of providing high-quality products
          Service guarantee
          Provide you with perfect pre-sales consultation, in-sales and after-sales service
          Processing services
          The following processing of bags, printing, plastic casing and other rich products provides customers with various convenience
          The company has served thousands of companies and has been affirmed by customers

          CONTACT US


          Tianjin Kangtai plastic packing Co., Ltd

          ADD:NO.9 Tianjin Street, Jinnan economic and Technological Development Zone, Tianjin (Shuanggang) China


          PM:Shi Hong 13920979897

          NetWork:Wang xuan 18522433133




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